Power Control Add-On for Raspberry Pi

◆ What's "Ras p-On"? ◆

Raspberry Pi has come to be used in a wide range of fields for the purpuse of such as developping prototype or mass production, beyond personal use and educational tool. Models with high performance CPU are also released, function of WiFi, Bluetooth allows it get a potision required for IoT devices.
Raspberry Pi is also used in industrial fields as follows:
· Digital Signage
· Process Control in Factory or Plant
· Production Control and Progress Management in Factory or Plant
· Sensing Device on Expection Line and in Agriculural Field
· Research, Development in Many Other Fields

However, sometimes you may feel inconvenience as follows:
1. No Power Swith!
2. Less Freedom for AC Adapter!
3. No RTC!

Thus we provide add-on board for Raspberry Pi "Ras p-On".
This device adds 3 functions to solve these problems - Power Control, Wide Input Voltage and RTC.

◆ Power ON/OFF by Tactile Swich ◆

Raspberry Pi has no Power Switch. It needs to plug and unplug for Power ON/OFF.
"Ras p-On" adds Raspberry Pi function of switch control.
· Boot Raspberry Pi by Power Switch!
· Cut Off Power Supply Safely after Detcting Shutdown Completely!
· Forced Shutdown is enable

◆ Linear Ragulator with Low Noise Adapted ◆

5.1V/2.5A is recommended as Power Supply for Raspberry Pi. Besides, the plug is micro-USB.
AC Adapter which meets the condition is almost only genuine actually. So it needs lots of care to get.
Also, it's easily broken when used repeatedly.

DC Jack is adopted on "Ras p-On", thus various kinds of AC Adapters commercially available can be used.

Ras p-On

6v-25V range of AC Adapter can be used as linear Ragulator is equipped on power circuit. 5.1V is ensured always. AC Adapters in hand or available at low prices can be used.
*6V/3A AC Adapter is highly recommended.

A linear regulator is adapted as regulator of this add-on board, thus all the loss of power supply is released as heat loss. For example, if 24V power supply is used,
(24V - 6V) x 3A = 54W and thus the maximum power loss becomes 54W amount of heat loss. This indicates amount of heat which leads to 100℃ in tens of seconds. Proper heat release is needed and very big heat sinks and a powerful fans are needed. In actual operation, step the power supply down to about 6V by DC/DC converter before input to the add-on board really in need of using power supply over 6V to work with the other devices enclosed.

"Ras p-On TypeA with AC Adapter" is available on Elecrow Online.
AC Adapter is tested with "Ras p-On", so it can be used without worry.


◆ RTC(Real Time Clock) ◆

Raspberry Pi will lose the time as it has no Real Time Clock battery backed up.

Thus we provide RTC(Real Time Clock) on "Ras p-On".
This allows Raspberry Pi to keep the correct time always.

Ras p-On

◆ Professional Design even for industrial use ◆

Raspberry Pi used to be for educational field mainly. But it has become for indutrial use increasingly and the ratio of industrial use has come to be more than that of the former.

◆ Adoption Example ◆

"Ras p-On" is adopted on "File Converter(NR-CNV4)", "SCAN-BOX ver3" and "NTP Server(Time Server)".
They are working in clinics and hospitals.

Ras p-On
File Converter(NR-CNV4)

Ras p-On

Time Server
NTP Server(Time Server)


◆ Gallery ◆

Ras p-On
Ras p-On

Ras p-On
Attached on Raspberry Pi (1)

Ras p-On
Attached on Raspberry Pi (2)

Ras p-On
DC Jack on "Ras p-On"

Type A with DC Jack and AC Adapter is available on Elecrow Online.


◆ Drawing ◆

Ras p-On

◆ Specifications ◆

Vin Input Supply 6 25 V
Vout Output Supply 5.02 5.1 5.17 V
Iout Output Current 3 A
Islp Standby Current Consumption 60 μA
Tntfy Switch Pressed Notification Pulse Time 2.8 3 3.2 sec
Tkill Forced Shutdown Switch Pressed Time 2.8 3 3.2 sec

◆ Others ◆

Available Versions of Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pi 4B / 3B / 3B+ / 2B
Dimensons 65×56mm
Weight 22g
Environmental Standards RoHS Compliant

◆ Documents ◆

 User's Manual:  Ras p-On Users Manual-Rev4.pdf
 Datasheet:  Ras p-On Datasheet-Rev4.pdf

◆ Download ◆

 Dedicated Software:  raspon-installer.tar.gz
  ( Refer to User's Manual for details of Install Procedure. )

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